"Refreshingly Honest, A Welcomed Change."

Are you aware that most ad agencies burden you with hidden charges and extra fees? It’s an unfortunate and ongoing practice that can drain your budget and leave you wondering where all the charges came from.
Academic Advertising is different. When we place your ads, we receive a standard 15 percent commission paid by the publishers - not by our clients. So we are able to give you all the benefits of our comprehensive advertising agency - for FREE!
Over the years, HR directors at colleges and universities of all sizes have thanked us for our approach, saluted our process, and called us “refreshingly honest” and a “welcomed change.” Contact our friendly team today for a free quote and to learn about our free ad placement services.

Compare Us to the Competition

Want to know if your current ad agency is hitting you with hidden charges or extra fees? Email us an ad to place for you, and we will send back our quote so you can make an informed, side-by-side comparison. We can also point out things they may be doing to pile on hidden charges or extra fees.

Our Specialized Focus = Better Results for You

Most ad agencies stretch themselves too thin by toiling in all kinds of industries that have nothing to with academia. Academic Advertising is different. We are passionate about academia, and committed to our mission. That is why we focus ONLY on academia. With us you will always work with true experts who understand your unique recruiting and hiring needs.

Wherever You Want to Be - for Free!
For no charge, AcademicAdvertising can place your ads everywhere, including:

How AcademicAdvertising Works:

1. Email AcademicAdvertising the jobs you want us to place for you.
2. AcademicAdvertising emails you back a quote for each of your ad requests, and recommendations/suggestions for more visibility.
3. You email back to us your acceptance and approval for us to begin posting your jobs.
4. AcademicAdvertising quickly places each of your jobs everywhere you want them to be placed (online job boards, newspapers, trade journals).
5. AcademicAdvertising emails you a straightforward, easy-to-view invoice and summary for the advertising.
6. You can then log into AcademicAdvertising's EasyView Portal to view your electronic tearsheets and proofs. You’ll always have a record of everywhere we placed your ads for you.

Every step of the way, you will be in control of the process from beginning to end.
You will save considerable amounts of time, money, and resources with every job you send us.

Areas of Expertise

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