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If you are an executive search firm that has been retained to help an institution fill high-level, executive positions - Academic Advertising can help.

We do not screen applicants or collect resumes for each position, but our 15 years of experience in recruitment advertising can strengthen any high-level search you may have.

For FREE - we handle all of the administrative work involved in advertising your executive level jobs. We can place ads for you anywhere - in print or online - for FREE.

Also for FREE - we use our years of analytical data that measures which recruitment platforms work the best, to identify smart places to advertise your executive positions. This ensures that a wide range of executive audiences will learn about - and apply for - your executive openings.

Because we work with more than 1,800 institutions, it is likely that the colleges and universities you are now working with have advertised with Academic Advertising before.

So when your firm and our agency to work together on behalf of the institutions, the workflow is easy and seamless. We are collaborators with search firms, not competitors.

As you may or may not know, many advertising agencies tack on extra fees and hidden charges when advertising for search firms. Academic Advertising is different. We are paid by the places where we place the ads, not by the search firms or institutions. So your firm will receive all the benefits of a full-service advertising agency - for FREE.

Search firms and Academic Advertising have the same goal: Helping each institution reach the best candidates for each executive level position.

Contact us today to learn more about how our expansive and FREE suite of executive recruitment tools can benefit your search firm.

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