Yes! We receive a 15 percent commission from the publications where we place ads, not from our clients. We do all the job posting and advertising work for our clients - for FREE! So going through us is the same price you would pay by going direct. To view the full list of FREE services we provide, please click HERE.

Yes! Academic Advertising is recognized as academia’s #1 recruitment advertising agency, and we have working relationships with thousands of print publications and job boards. Whether you need an ad placed in USA Today, in a small local newspaper, a large academic publication, or on the largest job boards like Zip Recruiter and others - we can help you. We can place your ads anywhere - for FREE, and track the results of each ad posted with our proprietary software.

We can help you with any and every type of job. Since our modest beginnings 15 years ago, we have helped more than 1,800 institutions successfully recruit and hire presidents, deans, vice presidents, professors, administrators, scientists, student affairs directors, adjuncts, coaches, athletic directors, Title IX coordinators, provosts, diversity officers, chancellors, nursing instructors, HR directors, IT professionals, financial aid directors, researchers, STEM directors, postdocs, CFOs, physical plant managers, maintenance supervisors, campus police officers, dining services directors, and hundreds of other positions.

If your institution needs to advertise any job in print or online we can do all the difficult advertising work for you, and place your ads anywhere - for FREE.

No. Most ad agencies will try to have you sign a contract, which forces you to stay with them - whether service is good or bad. Academic Advertising is different. Our clients stay with us month after month and year after year because we do great work for them for FREE, not because we had them signed and locked into a contract.

No. Most of our clients begin by sending us a few ads to get a feel for how our process works. Once they see how easy it is going through Academic Advertising, they continue on with us and benefit from our wide range of FREE ad services.

At Academic Advertising, we take pride in our speedy and efficient service. When you send us an ad to place, we will email you a price quote and a proof in less than two hours. After you approve the ad, our precise and proprietary automation feed will send the ad out to publications and job boards within 10 minutes.

There are two primary ways we are different:

1) Other agencies burden their clients with hidden fees and charges, but we don’t. We provide advertising services for FREE.

2) As our name suggests, we focus only on academia. Other agencies spread themselves too thin by working in all kinds of industries that have nothing to do with academia. Our exclusive focus on college and university hiring guarantees that you will always be our first priority, which results in better service and superior results.

Academic Advertising can work with any department - of any size - at your institution that needs to recruit and advertise job openings. We work with HR departments, President and Provost offices; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion offices. We work with advancement offices, research labs, academic departments, Marketing and Communications divisions, athletic departments, professional schools, and many more. We can work with whether you are a small department run by one person or if you are a large division with dozens of staff people.

Yes, Academic Advertising can you help whether you have one job to advertise or 1,000. In fact, most of our clients start by using our service to advertise one or two jobs, and then we end up handling all of their recruitment advertising needs.

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