How Academic Advertising Works

With more than 20,000 job boards, print publications, and other media sources to choose from, finding the best places to advertise your job openings can be time-consuming, confusing, and overwhelming.

For FREE, Academic Advertising sifts through all of the complex rate cards, deadlines, and fine print on each of those recruitment platforms for you to find the best places to advertise. This saves you and your colleagues time, energy, and resources so you can focus on other important work.

Also for FREE, we handle all the administrative tasks involved with placing your ads for you.

As you may know, many ad agencies hit their clients with hidden charges and extra fees. Academic Advertising is different. We receive a standard agency commission from the places where we place the ads. So instead of charging our clients, we are paid by the publications. You receive all the benefits of a premium ad agency without the costly ad agency fees and charges.

Whether you have one job or 100 jobs, we will handle all of the advertising work for you. With Academic Advertising you’ll have more free time and recruitment will be stress-free, because we do all the ad work for you - for FREE.

Our Easy 6-Step Process:

E-mail Us Your Order

Email Academic Advertising the jobs you want us to place for you.

We E-mail Your Quote

Academic Advertising emails you back a quote for each of your ad requests, and recommendations/suggestions for more visibility.

You Approve the Quote

You email back to us your acceptance and approval for us to begin posting your jobs.

We Place All of Your Jobs

Academic Advertising quickly places each of your jobs everywhere you want them to be placed (online job boards, newspapers, trade journals).

We E-mail Your Proofs

Academic Advertising emails you Proofs - to show everywhere we placed your ads, along with one easy-to-view summary invoice.

View Proofs/Tearsheets

You can then log into our user-friendly EasyHub to view your electronic tearsheets and proofs. You’ll always have a permanent record of everywhere we placed your ads for you.

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