Services We Provide

Recruitment Advertising

Whether you are advertising online or in print - or both - AcademicAdvertising is the best place to send your jobs to have them placed. Our recruitment advertising expertise scans more than 20 years, and our job-placement knowledge is unrivaled. For no charge to your institution, we will place your jobs everywhere you want to advertise, and we’ll recommend additional places to help you make good hires. Our promise with each job we place for you: AcademicAdvertising will save you time, money, and resources while helping you reach the very best candidates.

Display Advertising

Attractive and memorable display advertising can attract job seekers to your jobs in ways that mere words in a job listing cannot. Our award-winning designers have a passion for great design work. Their desire to produce high-quality ads translates into compelling banner ad work for our clients. AcademicAdvertising creates banner ads in all sizes. Just as we do with job listings, we can place banner ads for you anywhere. Contact us today to learn how our Banner Ad team can save you thousands of dollars while helping your institution look amazing, whether its online or in print.

Diversity Recruitment

When it comes to diversity recruiting, AcademicAdvertising is academia’s leading advertising agency.
Colleges and universities contact us when they need smart and effective diversity recruiting campaigns that get excellent results.
Whether you have one job to fill, or need broader recruitment advice on how to reach diverse candidates, our keen understanding - of all forms of diversity and inclusion - will be a tremendous help to you.
We can place your jobs on diversity websites, in diversity publications - anywhere - for no extra charge to your institution. Advertising through us ensures that you will receive the most for your money, and get the best recruitment results possible.

Social Media Recruitment

With the success and fast growth of social media networks, academic institutions need a nimble and forward-thinking advertising agency to help them recruit on these emerging platforms. AcademicAdvertising is agency colleges and universities contact when they need to recruit on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and other popular social media. We are social media recruitment experts, so you and your colleagues don’t have to be. We can guide you on where, when, and how often to post on social media to maximize your advertising dollars. We can quickly and efficiently handle all of your social media ad placements for you, from start to finish.

More Services
  • Ad Campaign Planning
  • Budget Management
  • Executive Hiring
  • Automated Job Postings
  • Recruiting Analytics
  • Expert Consultation
  • Job Tracking Technology
  • Job Site Wrapping
  • Programmatic Ad Buys
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