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Founded in 2004, Academic Advertising is higher education’s leading recruitment advertising agency.

With offices in Fort Lauderdale, Atlanta, and Los Angeles, our friendly and seasoned ad experts are uniquely positioned to help institutions of all sizes with their recruitment advertising needs. We are recognized by thousands of print and digital media outlets around the world as an authorized agency for recruitment advertising.

Rather than generalizing and trying to serve dozens of industries outside of higher education, we focus exclusively on the recruitment and hiring needs of colleges and universities. This gives us a deeper understanding of each institution’s recruitment challenges and a stronger level of advertising expertise when advising our clients. It ensures that we will not be distracted by outside work, and that our college and university clients will always be our top priority. Our approach is applauded, and as a result: More colleges and universities advertise with Academic Advertising than any other ad agency.

More than 1,800 colleges and universities trust Academic Advertising for advertising advice and ad placement services when they need to recruit and hire faculty, executives, administrators, and staff to work on their campuses.

We monitor thousands of print and online media outlets daily. We can place any type of ad, for any type of institution - anywhere - and we can track the response rate of every ad we place. During the past 15 years, our agency has grown from placing dozens of ads per week to processing hundreds of ads per hour for institutions of all sizes worldwide.

Last year Academic Advertising placed more than 120,000 job ads in print and online. Those ad placements reached more than 7.5 million job seekers and delivered more than 2 million job applicants directly to our clients.

We have helped institutions successfully recruit and hire: Presidents, deans, vice presidents, professors, administrators, scientists, student affairs directors, adjuncts, coaches, athletic directors, Title IX coordinators, provosts, diversity officers, chancellors, nursing instructors, HR directors, IT professionals, financial aid directors, researchers, STEM directors, postdocs, CFOs, physical plant managers, maintenance supervisors, PhDs, campus police officers, dining services managers, groundkeepers, attorneys, medical doctors, welding instructors, culinary instructors, bursars, fundraisers, and hundreds of other positions.

If your institution needs to advertise one job opening or 100 jobs - in print or online - we can help. We will alleviate the stress involved with recruiting, and make your job much easier. We can do all of the advertising work for you, and place your recruitment ads anywhere - for FREE.

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